Sunday, 14 May 2017

Europe calling London....

I remember sitting under the Morrison table listening to the  ... –  opening to Beethoven's Fifth, morse-code for V, V for Victory; and then the shiver-up-your-spine words that followed: London Calling Europe, London Calling Europe....  the BBC programme that became for the whole Continent (even Germany itself) the single voice of truth, broadcasting with equal emphasis our defeats and our victories. 
Having family and friends in France and Italy, we knew that they were listening; and later knew that Britain standing alone to resist Hitler from June 1940 kept a free Europe alive in hearts and minds. 

How different now in 2017 when the whole Continent laughs at the idea of 'truth' in these off-shore reservations of bluebells, ignorance and xenophobic idiocy. Needless to say Brexit is not a 2nd Battle of Britain; nor is it anything to do with dignity or courage.  
Europe Calls London: 'Where on earth are you?'
And England replies: 'Sorry, chaps. We've run away.'